What people are saying about States of Union:

"Alix Smith is a brilliant artist. I support her enthusiastically!"
- Arthur C. Danto (Art Critic)

"As the same sex marriage issue comes to a forefront in today's political culture, this project by Alix Smith is a reminder to us all of the importance of equality for not just contemporary gay families but for all. I'm extremely impressed with her work and with the project's accomplishments already."
- Kim Stolz (MTV host & America's Next Top Model)

"There is this long history of art being a device to bring the public's attention to things that might not be right in front of them.... It's more subversive then the most overtly political work out there because the message is delivered so quietly and with such a gentle touch that you don't know that your ideas might have shifted until after the fact."
- Sally Morgan Lehman (Morgan Lehman Gallery)

"Her project will be a major catalogue of contemporary gay families."
- John Bennette (Art Collector / Critic)

The pictures are beautiful in their elegance and representation of traditional values with non-traditional families.
- Radar Magazine

"This is an amazing project that deserves all the accolades it's been receiving. I am proud to vote for this and share Alix's tremendous vision with everyone I know."
- Jennifer Gruskoff (Founder, Editor-In-Chief - goodkin)

"This is such a beautiful project - good luck!"
- Ella Robinson (Director - Overture Films)

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